Chimney Cowlings

If you can answer YES to just one of the above, your chimney needs a chimney cowl.

Invicta Cowlings

Invicta Cowlings, (in association with Invicta Chimney Sweeps) have years of experience in identifying all manner of existing and potential problems that arise from uncapped chimneys.

A correctly fitted cowl can prevent major problems, before they arise. From damp patches in unused chimneys, to structural damage, heat loss and draughty rooms, an Invicta fitted cowl provides instant protection against existing or future problems.

Invicta Cowlings are qualified engineers, with many years of experience in fitting only top quality and innovative cowls. Fully insured, and complying with all safety regulation and legislation, our customers can feel confident that the services we provide are second to none.


  • Cleaner, more efficient heat from your wood burner
    with almost zero emissions!
  • Save on your winter fuel bills
  • Uses less wood
  • Lights quicker
  • Heats faster
  • Burns cleaner
  • Reduces smoke emissions
  • Anti Downdraught
  • No toxic gases or smoke odours inside the home
  • Cleaner wood burner, flue and cowl

With this Chimney Cowl, you’ll be one of many supporting¬†sustainable, carbon neutral domestic energy use.

Invicta Cowlings –¬†A FlueCube Trade Partner

Cowls & Caps


High Top Birdguard

The high top is designed to prevent unwanted bird and animal entry and to reduce the potential for clogging by soot or debris. Available in solid fuel, gas or stainless steel.



Ornate birdguards made from steel.
Hardwearing M10 steel. Painted finish.


Top Lid

The top lid is used to cap off unwanted chimneys to save heat loss and stop bird, insect and rain ingress.